All in one: The perfect complete solution for control + surveillance for units

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The high class solution for complex exhaust systems

Switchgears in every power dimensioning Switchgears in every power dimensioning

Complete solutions for extraction unit control Complete solutions for extraction unit control

Complete solutions for extraction unit control

Unit complete with the following regulations:
  • SPS with touchpanel integrated in the front door
  • Graphic visualization of the plant status
  • Customized screen navigation
  • Multi-languaged
  • All timers and parameters can be changed on the display
  • Password protected access on different program levels
  • Fully automatic control mode of the exhaust system
  • Differential pressure depended cleansing of the filters
  • Visualization of the fill levels as diagram
  • Up to 4 exhaust fans can be controlled using a frequency converter (cascaded), 2 transport fan's 2 augers, 2 round dischargers etc.
  • Acknowledge button for malfunctions
  • Manual mode of all valves and motors
  • Status light of malfunctions
  • Forward/backward air
  • Safety shut-down on filter breach (remaining dust monitoring), fire detection and revision door
  • Motor protection for exhaust and discharger
  • Inclusive switchgear cabinet, main switch

Connction of the following sensors possible

  • Differential pressure monitoring
  • Fill level sensor
  • Rotation monitoring
  • Remaining dust monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Spark detection / spark douse units
  • Explosion / fire-protection monitoring

Realisation according to the VDE-Rules

ASI-Bus ASI-Bus Remote maintenance Remote maintenance Visualization Visualization

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Complete solutions for extraction unit control (PDF)


  • Extension to 32 machine identification/slidegate valve control
  • Flashlight, buzzer for malfunction visualization
  • Extension to 64 cleansing valves
  • ASI-BUS use possible for 60 machines / slidegate valves
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Visualization possible

Further options on request


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