Spark-Extinguishing Installation with FM-License (Factory Mutual)

Fire and explosions are a steady danger in timber industry. Production downtimes and consequential damage occur every year which cost millions.
When flammable materials like chippings and wood-dust with adequate oxygen supply and a ignition source in the exhaust sewer which arrives the ignition temperature, it’s already to late. Spark-Extinguishing Installations prevent fire before it’s to late.

Up to 15% insurance discount

Well-known fire-insurances already know this risk and enjoin it’s use. Therefore up to 15% discount are given. Request us directly for your insurance quotation. You can save up to 2.000,- € a year.

Application area

This system is specially developed for pneumatic exhaust systems.
  • International license with FM (Factory Mutual)
  • first-class cost/performance ratio
  • high quality standard with a lifetime of partly above 20 years
  • low-priced alternative to actual systems
  • retrofitting is also possible in already existing systems by an own central control
  • easy and maintenance free installation
  • now deliverable ex stock

it's safe to say that's the cheapest solution
also for retrofitting
with internation FM-License

data specification spark detector PDF 606kb (deutsch und englisch)

data specification valve unit PDF 618kb (deutsch und englisch)



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